Our Humble Story

In January 2016, our CEO and founding partner bought a new property.  As a result of the painstaking task of trying to manage all the documents, the idea for SendFile™ was born.

The first thing he noticed was the amount of effort it required to respond to numerous emails. In his particular case, there were multiple applicants and the primary applicant was self-employed. This meant additional documents were needed to get approval from the bank. During most of the process, the one hand did not know what the other was doing. One applicant would send documents and forget to notify the other applicant. Sometimes duplicate documents were sent, and other times no documents were sent. Nobody knew exactly what was outstanding when, this promoted procrastination in both applicants. It delayed the entire process because there was no clear direction. This was not as a result of bad service offered by the bond originator, but merely flaws in the generic process.

The second thing he noticed was how awfully intimidating the loan process can be. When you receive an email requesting upwards of 10 documents, it can be terrifying. The moment you receive the written request, your heart sinks. The first thought is usually where do I begin? This was the experience from the sender’s side. He could not help but image how difficult it must be for the receiver to manage and collect all the documents. He received several emails a week requesting documents. It seemed like the end was never in sight… From start to finish, the process took almost a full calendar month. This experience was unmistakably an opportunity to develop something great.

Before the loan application was granted, he drafted a basic concept and presented it to the bond originator handling their loan application. It was not surprising to see the bond originator was very fascinated by the idea of software that can manage the document workflow. He received some suggestions and started working on the official product spec. He identified that there was a massive need for a product to automate the process. Obviously, some parts of the process will require human intervention to ensure accuracy. Most notably the verification of the documents would still require some human touch. He took all this into consideration and designed software to dramatically improve the entire process. All parties involved with the concept spent a couple of months working on the spec to ensure every angle was considered. During this time, he appointed a competent team that would help make his dream a reality.

Once the entire team was confident with the product spec, they sourced a very skilled team of software developers. Our developing partner has branches in 4 countries and has served many fortune 500 companies. This gave us the confidence that our system will be robust and stand the test of time. This also ensures that we can offer great technical support to all our users.

As soon as development started, we knew that the product will soon be required by almost all industries in South Africa. PoPI compliance is something everybody knows about but not everybody knows what to do about it. We instantly realized that we will have to engineer the entire product to comply with the new compulsory law. We approached PoPI consultants and started to research as much as possible. We discovered that our entire system works shockingly well with the requirements. We made some changes and added some additional features to improve compliance. This opened a huge market. Suddenly our product is not a nice to have but a necessity. As a result of this, we expanded what our product can do and tried our best to cater for every possible scenario.

Development started on the 1st of June 2016. During development, some companies already started lining up for free trial periods. Everybody wanted to experience the power of SendFile™ first hand. After months of hard work and dedication, we launched a product unique to the industry. Since our launch, there has been an overwhelming amount of interest. Due to the affordable nature and quality of our product, industry leaders instantly started to offer their clients an impressive user experience.

Shortly after completion of the software, we sourced representatives in numerous countries. Most notable we started marketing in the USA, Africa and other parts of the world. Our product is currently available world-wide and we believe it will soon be used by companies all over the world.

We are so confident that you will love our product that we do not offer long term contracts. We believe that once you have tried SendFile™ in your company; there will be no reason for you to leave us. It increases production and saves you time and money. It’s basically a no-brainer. This is why we offer new clients a 30 day free trial period. There is absolutely no obligation. Give us a shot, try it for 30 days. If you do not unquestionably love the software, simply deactivate your account from you unique dashboard & carry on with business as usual.