Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions. This does not include support questions. If you want to find out more about technical questions, please visit this page:

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All you need to do is contact us via our website or phone. We always do our best to visit all potential clients in person. If you are beyond our traveling distance, we can present the product over Skype. If you are satisfied and want to try it out, you can start immediately. We try and brand your dashboard for the presentation account. This allows you to start using SendFile™ on the same day.

We literally have not seen anything easier. You do not need to have any computer skills. Most tasks takes seconds. We help you with the initial setup. Once setup, you click here and there. We have even considered to training a monkey to use it just as an experiment… Just joking!

For the most part yes. For example, we follow up on outstanding documents, send your  receivers and senders notifications etc. The only part that is not automated is the verification of documents. Once you receive a document from your client, you download it and verify it’s correct. If you are satisfied with the document you tick a box. This indicates to your client it’s correct. If it’s not correct you tick a different box & write a short message. This will indicate to your client it’s not correct or additional action is required.

We do not restrict the amount of receivers you register. It takes just a couple of seconds to create a user on your dashboard. Each receiver will have their own login to the system. They can create and manage sender’s they create. You have the option to make all senders available to all receivers. This can potentially improve productivity. Receivers can help each other out. You control this optional feature.

We are very confident that you will absolutely love it. This is why we do not require any payment information for the trial period. If you do not like it, you simply deactivate your account. No questions asked. If you want to continue with the service, you select the package that best suit your needs. You can cancel anytime, or setup recurring billing.

This is determined by your package. For example, if you have the package that allows up to 10 profiles, you can create a maximum of 10 concurrent sender profiles. If you consolidate any of your clients, we reopen the slot. This essentially means you can service a lot more than 10 clients in a monthly cycle.

The moment your billing cycle is completed you have to option to renew your subscription. This can be manually or automated. You control the payment feature.

If you make manual payments and your cycle expires, you & your clients will not be able to access the system. Once you renew your subscription, all will be restored. If you do not intend on renewing, please make sure you download all required files to your computer before your subscription expires.

This is not a problem. If you have multiple branches, we suggest you take a package relevant to the number of profiles required for each branch. For example one branch might need 20 monthly profiles where another need 1000. To make sure each branch is as effective as possible; we can create a dashboard for each branch individually. This is the most effective way to manage sender’s and receivers. In some cases, we do offer discounts depending on the amount of branches you have.

We have multiple layers of security. Firstly, we have an essential SSL certificate for all our domains. However, we do not process payments on our site. All payments are handled by one of the most trusted payment gateways in South Africa. All payments and security is handled by PayFast is committed to keeping you and your information secure. They have a multitude of checks in place to protect both buyers and sellers from fraudulent transactions. Companies like & uses the same gateway.

Firstly, your sales agent will be responsible to ensure everything works smoothly. If you have any issues, you can contact your agent directly. Alternatively, you can log a fault on our website: Get Support Now

Not only do we offer support to you and all your team receivers. Your sender’s can contact us directly if they have any issues. We love support and will help anybody that requires help.

We have a button in your dashboard where you can suggest/request new features. We consider all requests and if they are viable, we implement them across our infrastructure. This is a great way to ensure all our client’s benefit from amazing feature requests. Each feature will be implemented on the relevant industry. For example, a car sales agent might request a feature where they can add a model number and vehicle make. This would not be great for everybody using SendFile™, but it might benefit everybody that is in the car sales sector.

We have 2 options. You can either pay manually every month, or activate a subscription. This convenience  feature  is fully in your control. The “Subscription” option creates a recurring payment for your service. You can activate or deactivate this feature directly from your dashboard. We strongly suggest you activate this feature to prevent any loss of access. If your package expires, you & your clients will not have access until you make payment for the next cycle.

You sure can. We do not restrict our service to certain industries. We do have different profiles for every industry. This is to ensure relevant functionality. We have a base template that has all the important features that will be relevant to all industries. It does not matter if your company is big or small, we handle them all.

Unlike many online software companies, we do not have any long term contracts. If you are not satisfied or want to cancel for any reason, you simply deactivate your account. We do not make it a lengthy process. We believe in our product and trust you will be satisfied. If you are not, you have the right to cancel with immediate effect. No struggling to cancel debit orders with forms, etc. A click of a button and your account is cancelled.