How it Works


Once you sign up with SendFile™, we create a branded sub-domain for your company. This means your clients will visit to reach your unique dashboard. This dashboard will be branded in your corporate colors and will have your logo as the main focus. This will build trust with your clients and visually represent your business. Every client you create in your admin panel will have a username and password.

All you need to do, is select a template that is relevant to your client. We help you create your first couple of templates. These templates will be a standard set of documents that will be relevant to all your clients. You can amend each template individually to make sure it’s relevant to your client. You can add or remove documents as needed. Once you save the sender’s profile, the system will generate a username and password. The username and password will  automatically be emailed to your client. This will be the login details they use to see what documents they need to upload.

Your clients will each have their own “Sender’s Profile” – This profile will visually represent to your client exactly what documents are required. This easy to grasp frontend dashboard will make it very clear what documents are outstanding, uploaded and even verified. Your client will not feel overwhelmed with all the information. We designed the frontend to be as easy and clear to understand as possible.

Basic Sender Instructions

Instructions Pop Up

When you create a sender’s profile, your client will receive a link. The moment your clients opens up the link to the dashboard, they will see a pop up explaining the entire system. It’s extremely easy to  understand. Most clients will not even have to read the instructions. This pop up explains exactly how to use the dashboard. Once they understand the process, they can close the pop up and start uploading files.

Completion Pop Up

When the final file is verified, the sender will see a pop-up that indicates that all work is done and no further action is required. It congratulates the sender and encourages them to hand deliver the original documents where required. This pop-up will be relevant to your industry. For example, if you are a bond originator, it will be referenced with images and text in this section.

What Your Clients Will See

Sender’s Dashboard

The first thing you will notice is the simplicity. The process is so easy, most clients will understand the system without any assistance.

At the top, we have a little synopsis that shows your clients exactly where they are in application process. This encourages your clients to upload documents faster. There is something oddly satisfying in seeing the verified document incline while outstanding documents decline. Our system was developed to mentally encourage your clients to be more productive.

Jump Between Multiple Applicants

SendFile™ supports document management from multiple applicants on the same profile. For example, if a husband and wife apply for a joint bond, you can create a single profile. This will ensure that all parties involved know what documents are outstanding, uploaded or verified. Simply click on the relevant box to jump between applicants. Joining applications helps to speed up the process tremendously. The primary sender will be able to see outstanding documents for all other applicants. However, they will not be able to interact with the page. The primary applicant will not be able to interact for one simple reason. If multiple applicant are not related, you do not want sensitive data to be available cross applicant.

Dynamic File Conditions

There are 4 possible conditions for each required file. When a document is outstanding, the block will be empty and have the option to upload the file. Once the file is uploaded, the receiver will get a notification and the dashboard will change from an empty block to a green block showing “uploaded”.

Once the file is uploaded, the receiver can manually download the file in the administrator panel. All documents must be verified in person. If the receiver is happy with the file, a simple check box will take the file to the final state. The block will change from uploaded to verified. Once a file is verified, there are no further actions required.

If the document is not correct, or needs additional attention, the administrator simply checks the “other” box. The front-end will display a yellow block indicating that additional action will be required to get the file verified.

Toggle Instructions

Most people will be able to use our system with limited or no instructions. However, if your client needs instructions, it can easily be toggled on/off from the front-end.

Convenient Chat Function

The blue circle opens up a chat messenger. If the client is unsure about a file, or have any questions, they click on the + button. It will open up a chat messenger that works similar to Whatsapp. The administrator will get a notification and can respond instantly to the sender. A chat history will be available independently for each file. This is to avoid confusion and make sure that unnecessary time is not spent trying to filter chats.

File Information / Explanation

The sender can click on the “info” link on any file to get more information. Most files will be self explanatory, however, some files are not as easy to understand. For example, you can add additional comments to certain files. For example, where you require a payslip, you can add that you need the latest version, no older than 3 months. This speeds up the process as it prevents incorrect file transmissions. File file description will be indicated during template creation.

Downloadable Files

In some cases, you need the client to download and complete or sign a file. This process is fully supported. When you create your templates, you can indicate and upload files that must be downloaded. On the front-end, the sender will see a download link. Once they download and complete or sign the file, the process returns to normal. The file is uploaded and verified like any other file.

Automated Notifications

The administrator can set notification intervals. For example, SendFile™ can send your client reminders every 72hours. The system will send a synopsis of what files are outstanding. This eliminates the need for your staff to constantly follow up with your clients. This option can be disabled directly from the back-end. Some client prefer not to get reminders, however, we strongly advise you implement an automated reminder schedule.

Easy Uploading Options

Our system allows drag and drop uploading, as well as standard browsing. The above page is all your client will ever see. There are 3 ways to upload a file. Firstly, you can simply drag & drop it from your computer. Secondly, you can click on browse, find the file and click “Upload”. Lastly, you can take a photo with your phone. Our system will connect the photo to the profile and upload it like any other file.

What Your Administrator Will See

Creating a Sender’s Profile

To get started, your administrator will create a couple of templates. For example, a bond originator will have a different set of documents for a person who is self-employed than for a standard application. To save you time, you can create templates for the most used document sets. All you need to do is select a foundation template. You can then add or remove documents to fit your clients exact needs. Editing a client once a template is selected will not affect the template, it will only affect the client in question.

Various types of documents can be uploaded. For example, you might have documents your client must complete and send back. The administrator can upload the file to the back-end. This type of file will have a download link on the sender’s dashboard. Your client can conveniently download the file, complete it and upload it back to the system.

Feedback & Chatting with Clients

We have integrated an convenient chat system that will allow the administrator to provide feedback to clients quickly and effectively. For example, if a document is not correct, the administrator or reicever can provide feedback to the sender using the direct chat feature. This will be visible to the client below the file that requires attention. The latest chat will be visible on the block, if a new chat is available, the button will change colour. This will ensure that your client knows when feedback was provided by the receiver.

The client can provide feedback or ask questions directly from the front-end dashboard at any time. Chat history will be visible for each file. Email notifications will be sent to both sender and receiver. New chats will be indicated in pink.

The chat function prevents unnecessary communications via email or phone, saving you time & money. Most people are familiar with basic chats and appreciate the convenience of it.

Receiver Management

The administrator can add multiple receivers. A receiver will be the person responsible for receiving and verifying files. For example, if you have 5 employees who must each receive files, you can create a receiver’s profile for each of them. This allows the receiver to be linked to their own assigned senders. Each receiver will only get notifications for senders linked to their profile. The administrator will be able to see activity for all senders. The administrator will also have the option to enable receivers to see each others activity. This can improve productivity and help move things along if an employee is absent from work.

File Template Creation

The administrator and receivers will be able to manage and edit templates from the back-end. In most cases, the templates will only have to be created once. As soon as you have your templates ready, you can make changes to individual senders from their unique profiles. For example, if a client needs 9 out of 10 files in a template, the administrator or receiver can simply delete the unnecessary file. If the client needs one additional document, it can be uploaded to an individual sender’s profile.

Templates save the administrator and receivers a lot of time. If you manage your templates well, it takes just a couple of seconds to create a sender’s profile for your new clients. The rest will be handled by our system.

File Verification

Your administrator or receivers can download and view any uploaded files. Once they confirmed that a document is correct and in order, a simple checkbox will change the state of the document from uploaded to verified. Your client will receive an email notification to notify them that the file was verified and correct. If there are any issues with the file, the administrator or receiver can click on a checkbox to indicate that the sender has additional actions. The issue with the file can be described in the chat feature.  All other states are handled dynamically by our system.

Profile Management

Administrators have a bird’s eye view of all the profiles created by receivers. Here the administrator can easily determine what profiles need attention. Administrators can search for clients and view their profile all from one place. Profile descriptions are custom and can be assigned by the administrator or receivers.

If the sender uploads a new document, there will be a notification visible to the administrator. This creates a very efficient workflow system. Your administrator does not have to go through each profile to find out if there’s any activity.

Front-End Branding

The administrator can customize colors and logos used right from the back-end. You can brand your dashboard in your corporate colors. We have two sections assigned for logos. Uploading a logo is extremely easy. You do not need to have any IT experience to customize & personalize your application.

SendFile Account Management

The administrator can upgrade, downgrade or manage the account from the back-end. Our customers have complete control of their accounts. You can increase or decrease the amount of profiles you need with the click of a button. Our system allows recurring payments for clients who know exactly how many profiles they use every month. The advantage of recurring payments is you do not have to worry about losing access to the system. If you want to cancel, you simply deactivate your account from your dashboard