SendFile™ Notification System Explained

One of the leading headaches in receiving multiple files from external parties will usually be the following up process. Firstly, we all understand that your clients are busy.  You as the receiver need accommodate your clients in the best possible way. Secondly, they do not always have access to the documents when you request it. If they do not immediately have access to the files you need, they can easily forget to send it in a timely manner. Nobody likes to follow up on a daily basis.  As the receiver, there always comes a time where following up becomes extremely frustrating.

With the above said, it’s critical to your productivity to have a solid follow up process. Luckily for you, gone are they days where you need to employ full time staff to obtain documents from your clients. Following up can be a full time job. A normal employee won’t be able to effectively track and follow up with more than just a handful of clients. With our built in notification system, SendFile™ will take the responsibility away from you. A single employee will be able to manage 100’s of clients. The biggest responsibility will be to verify documents manually.  Our system will follow up dynamically on all outstanding documents on your behalf so you don’t have to. The system will regularly notify all relevant parties of outstanding documents on a particular profile. When you create a sender’s profile for your client, you can set notification intervals. You can assign & control how often notifications must be sent to each specific client. SendFile™ will show your client visually what files are outstanding. Our notification system is not intimidating. It clearly shows the client what to do next. Leading your clients down the path by hand will increase the delivery time. With consistent emails, the client will constantly be reminded to send outstanding documents. Our automated system takes away most of the emotions associated with the workflow process. Your client will see that the notifications are automated. In many cases, this will encourage your client as they know there is no responding to the system. We do allow notifications to be disabled should your client request this. The last thing we want is to annoy your clients and bombard them with requests.

Deliverability & Speed

If your clients do not get notifications immediately, it will affect productivity. If notifications land up in the junk mail folder, it will not work at all. We understand this very well and have made the sure we use only the best provider.

We use a bulk transactional email company that prides themselves in the quality of their service. They are definitely not the cheap, but guarantee the best results. Our email service provider handles only transactional email clients. This means that spammers can’t abuse the service. As a result, they have serious street cred with inbox providers. They pride themselves in delivering email straight to the inbox with less than 5 seconds delay. Your senders will not have to constantly refresh their inbox to wait for email.

We monitor and streamline our email templates as much as possible. We make sure that your senders get email at all times. Without great deliverability, our service will be less effective. This is the reason why we take every possible precaution to ensure deliverability.


Mobile Compatibility

One of the major advantages of our notification system is the fact that our system is mobile compatible. What we mean by this is often, a sender will not have access to the relevant files while at work. This means they have to prepare the documents while at home. Lots of people do not have access to desktop computers and scanners at home. This can severely delay the document procurement process. The client can easily forget the documents at home. Because our system supports mobile devices, the client can upload the document from anywhere. When the client receives a notification while at home, they can simply get the document and take a photo. With SendFile™, the client can upload documents via their phone or tablet. This vastly improves the effectiveness of your document workflow process.


SendFile™ can reduce or even replace the number of staff members required to manage your document procurement process. This means you can use your retrieval staff for more important tasks, saving your company time and money. We understand that the quicker you can get your documents from you clients, the quicker you can get paid. This understanding is exactly what encouraged us to develop this system. Our automated notification system will help your company print money.