Online Document Storage

Our SendFile™ system comes with a storage option. We understand some clients want to store documents online not just receive them. When you sign up with us, you can opt for a storage option. The storage option comes with all the same great features the rest of our system offers. You can still get documents from your clients in the traditional manner. However, with this option, you will be able to archive sender profiles.

What Does Archive Profile Mean?

Once you received all the documents from your client, you can mark the profiles as archived. The system will not close this profile; it will be moved to your “archived section.” You can keep the profile open for as long as you need. While archived, your client can still access the dashboard. If you need to get documents from the same customer in the future, you only add the file to their profile.

This option is ideal for receivers who want to provide a managed solution for their clients. Firstly, you can get documents from the same sender as long as you have the profile active. Secondly, you can store documents for your client’s safely and securely.

Using the storage template comes with one limitation. We do not allow multiple senders to be linked to the same profile. If you want to store sender documents, you will have to create a unique sender’s profile for each person. This is purely to prevent abuse of our system. To make up for this limitation, it comes with amazing features limited to the storage profile.

Reasons to Use the Storage Option

Client file storage has become a necessity in modern times. Some industries are required to keep records up to 5 years. Cloud storage has become extremely popular. Some companies use online storage facilities to ensure the files are safe and secure. It’s very risky to only have a local copy of a client’s files. For example, if you only have a hard copy, you have the risk of fire. If you only have a local hard drive stored copy, the computer can get stolen or even crash. This is a risk for both you and your client. With our storage option, you can store received documents for as long as you keep your account active. We do not limit the time you can store documents online.

Who Would Benefit from Online Storage?

Many industries must store client documents for as long as five years. Let’s take one practical example. If you are a broker, you will have a file for your client. This file usually contains all the policies and other document relevant to your client. With our storage option, you can create a profile for your clients and upload all their documents. Both you and your clients will have access to this file. If for example, you insure your client, they can even upload proof of purchases, etc. This is a great way to manage your client. If you need any documents from the client in the future, you simply request it in your normal dashboard.

Let’s take another example. A lawyer might have a comprehensive file for a client. In some cases, a lawyer might simply keep some of your documents safe. This could be a will & testament, or important document about a case. Either way, you can still get documents from your clients in the traditional manner with the added benefit of storage.

Storage Costs

We do not charge anything extra for the storage option. If you require storage, you will be loaded into our storage version of our application. This means your dashboard will be customized to enhance the storage facility. As soon as you have used up your package sender profile allowance, you will have to upgrade your account. Please note, to access the files, you will have to have a valid active subscription.