PoPI Compliant Online Client File

Introduction to PoPi Compliant Online Files

In modern times, society needs access to information on the go. This often leads to a lot of preventable complications.  Most importantly, a major concern is the security and protection of your client’s personal information. Did you know, standard email file transmission or even some offshore file sharing services do not comply with local PoPI Act Requirements?  The PoPI Act will force companies to comply with certain security requirements. With online fraud on the increase, companies must make sure they protect their client’s personal information.  Identity theft has increased by more than 200% in the last six years. The act intends to prevent or reduce the risk.

With SendFile™, you can use modern technology to help you comply with the PoPI Act. Not only will your online document management comply, it will also vastly improve the user experience for both you and your customers. Our system is great for transparency. The PoPI Act requires companies to be transparent with their clients. You can use our application as a “digital file” for your clients. You can share, exchange & request documents from your clients in a compliant manner. At any given time, your client will have secure access to all the documents you have in your possession. Additionally, you don’t have to spend valuable time on finding and sending documents to your clients via email.

Digital client files are relevant to legal practitioners, insurance brokers, rental agencies, debt collectors, training institutions, medical practitioners, etc.

SendFile™ Online Client File Manager

With SendFile™, you can create a digital online client file.  With the new PoPI Act on the way, there is no easier way to manage documents between you your clients in a compliant manner. We have implemented as many PoPI Act features into our software as possible. Each client will have a password protected dashboard with access to certain documents.

What is a Client File Manager?

With our client file management software, you can make certain documents available to your clients online in a safe and secure environment. Using our standard front-end dashboard, you can share & request documents from your clients safely & securely. For example, you can upload your client’s FICA, legal, and other important documents or simply request a copy of their ID. The online file will work similar to the file you currently keep in your office just much better. This prevents you having to try and find documents when your client requests them. They have access & can download from their file from anywhere in the world.

In most cases, a legal practitioner for example must keep documents on record for as long as 5 years. If a client requests a document 3 years later, it can be a lot of hassle to make this document available. The great news is, with SendFile™, your client have access to specified files 24/7.  You determine what files your clients must have access to. You can request documents from your clients or simply give them access to certain files.

Below are some examples of professionals who can benefit from using an online file cabinet:


Basic Features & Benefits

The “Online File” version of our software comes with all the amazing benefits & features that comes with the standard version. Below are just some of the additional benefits & features that are unique to this version. Every industry has a dedicated version of the software. We do our best to make sure that every feature is relevant to the user. For a full list of click here benefits & features

Share & Request Documents

You can use the system to securely share, or request documents from your clients. Your clients will have access to all the files in your possession. They can download or upload files you request. Our system will automatically follow up on any documents you request from your clients. We will send them automated notification every time you need a document.


You can upload existing clients into the system, or use it to create files for your new clients. Our packages are on a pay-as-you-require system. You can grow into the relevant package size over time. We can accommodate any size business. We do not limit the amount of client profiles you can create.

We give all new clients a 30 day free trial where you can create 100 files. If you are satisfied with the service, you can extend the subscription. If you do not see the benefit, you simply deactivate your account.

Easy to Manage Administration Panel

We understand that not everybody has an IT degree. Our system is extremely easy to understand and administer. It takes just a minute to create a new client and you can immediately start exchanging documents. We have visual indicators giving you a bird’s eye view of all your clients. Uploading & downloading documents from the dashboard is a breeze.

Optional Client Communication

The notification/chat feature is optional for each client.  This is to prevent your client’s form abusing the feature. For example, we don’t want to encourage legal advice, etc. via notifications. For this reason, we allow you to deactivate client response individually for each client. You can still use the feature to provide info to your client; however, your client will not be able to respond to your notes unless you want them to. For many industries, this feature is an amazing way to improve productivity. It’s great to follow up and provide additional information about a specific document. We do not suggest you deactivate this feature unless your clients abuse the function.

Link Multiple Users to One File

Many industries make use of admin staff to assist with client files. With our digital online file, you can link multiple users to the same file. When you create a client file, you can assign all the staff members that must have access to a specific file. We give you full control. You can let all staff members see all files, or only a specific person have access to a client file.

In some cases, such as legal practitioner, you might have a secondary user who must have access to certain clients. With this profile, you can add multiple users to the same file. For example, an attorney can add a secondary user to the same file. This can be an administrative assistant or junior attorney. Only users linked to the same profile will be able to manage and administer certain clients. This is to prevent all staff members to have access to all files. Only the relevant parties will have access to their clients. In terms of PoPI Act Requirements, only authorized staff members are allowed to have access to your client’s personal information. With our system, you can give access to the relevant parties on the administration side.

Document Security & File Activation

The PoPI Act requires all business owners to take reasonable steps to ensure that their client’s personal information is protected. Unfortunately, traditional email is not sufficient as it can easily land up in the wrong inbox, or criminals can intercept.

Firstly, we use 2048bit SSL for all data transmission. SSL security encrypts all communication while in transit. This can be messages, documents, etc. Additionally, we encrypt all documents stored on our server in a secure online vault. If there is a breach of our system, cyber criminals will not be able to do anything with the information stored on our server.

For extra security, your client must verify their identity with a unique client code before they can activate their files. You can determine the unique ID for each client and can give it to them in person or over the phone. This is to ensure the correct person activates the file account. The client’s documents are protected and only available to them. Another advantage of this feature is your client will not be identifiable externally by a username.  When a person uses an email address as a username, they can identified by external parties.

What Your Client’s Will See

We have a beautiful easy to understand password protected front end. Your client will have access to a dashboard where they have access to the documents you have on file. It is visually stunning and will explain what each document is and what it will be used for. Your client can login to the dashboard using a mobile phone or desktop PC.


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Free Management Presentation

There is absolutely no way we can explain the amazing benefits of our system on this page. The best way is to show you in person how it works. Let us give you a free management presentation in the comfort of your office. If you are happy with what you see, you can test it out free for a full 30 days. If you are not satisfied with the system, simply deactivate your account. To continue the service, simply extend your subscription. We do not have lengthy contracts to bind you into our service. We believe the benefits of our amazing system will impress you enough to encourage you to stay.

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