SendFile™ System Features

Live Chat Feature

If your client has a quick question, the receiver will get notified immediately. They can respond in real time to any question or concern vie chat. Each file has an independent chat service linked. This makes it very easy to follow the conversation regarding each file. Each chat will be “dedicated” to a specific file.

Request New Features

We offer clients the opportunity to request new features. Each industry has unique requirements. We amend receiver templates according to each industry to try and specialize our software as much as possible. To request new features can be done directly from your receiver dashboard. We constantly upgrade our software to ensure it is as effective as possible.

Original File Indicator

With a simple tick box, you can indicate to your client if you need the original document. Once they uploaded the file, the system will visually let them know that they need to prepare the original file. Once all documents are verified, your sender will receive a notification to hand in originals at your premises.

Mobile Device Support

Your senders are always on the move, now they can upload documents directly from their mobile phones. If the document can be uploaded via a scan, your client can simply take out their mobile device and take a photo. Due to the convenience, this vastly increases the sender consolidation time.

Multiple Receivers Allowed

You can create multiple receiver accounts. Each receiver will receive notifications for senders linked to their profile. Senders can be viewed across logins. This helps balance the workload and will make sure that your senders can receive attention when the determined sender is not available. This feature can be toggled on/off.

File Templates

To save you even more time, you can create templates for the file combinations you use most. You can easily add or remove files for individual senders. When you create a sender, you simply select the correct template for your client. This takes less than a minute. Templates are extremely easy to create.

Follow Up Autopilot

Receivers can set notification intervals individually for each client. You can select how often we must remind your sender about outstanding documents. Our dynamic notification system will make sure you receive your documents as quickly as possible. This feature is optional and can be disabled for individuals if you do not want to send out regular reminders.

Improved File Management

All uploaded files are automatically filed and linked to your client. Each client has their own sender’s profile where documents are stored. This means that all files are not simply thrown into a pool. You can access each sender individually. Files can be downloaded multiple times if required.

Visual Progress Indicators

The hardest part of sending multiple documents is not knowing where to start. Our front end dashboard makes it easy for your client to see what to do next and when. Leading your sender down the path by hand prevents procrastination. They will see exactly what is outstanding and where they are in the process.

3rd Party Updates

Each sender can have multiple notification emails. If more than one person needs to be updated throughout the process, you simply add their email address to the profile. This is especially handy if for example a lawyer or estate agent must be kept up to date throughout the process.