Using Technology to Increase Your Business Productivity

Almost everybody can agree that business productivity heavily relies on an organization’s ability to execute on overall strategy. Businesses need engaged and highly productive employees executing on pre-determined goals. You have to align your goals with the organization’s strategic objectives.

If you are a business owner, you will know there are some essential technologies for any business. Imagine operating a business without internet or telephone lines. It’s not impossible, however, it will setback productivity expectations. Did you know Google has been around for less than two decades? Think about it, not too long ago, computers were not viewed as necessary business tools. That didn’t stop savvy business owners from using them. I mean, why not, they would increase productivity, provide better customer service, and give them a stern competitive advantage. There are many ways to improve your business using available technologies. In some cases, local laws can force companies to turn to technology for compliance. The upcoming PoPI Act in South Africa is a great example, no business is exempt. You need to make sure you use relevant technology to protect your customer’s personal information both on and off line. Requesting personal information and sensitive documents via email will become a frowned upon practice in South Africa very soon.

Let’s look at some areas where technology can assist and improve your business:

Compliance – Protection of Personal Information

Dedicated software can help you effortlessly achieve compliance goals. For example, the PoPI Act requires every business in South Africa to securely transmit and store all personal information. This means you won’t be able to request sensitive data via standard email. Even if you store & exchange data in cloud based services like Dropbox, you might be violating local laws. The data stored will fall under the jurisdiction where the server is hosted, not where you are based. For example, hosting data in the USA can pose a lot of risks. Their privacy laws do not comply with PoPI requirements in SA. Online services like SendFile™ can help you easily achieve your PoPI compliance goals. You can securely create PoPI compliant “client files” in minutes.

Customer Service – Exceed Customer Expectations

With online consumer complaint portals consistently overflowing with complaints, you need to understand how it can brutally damage a business’s reputation. Now more than ever, unhappy client’s review services online. Providing customers with quick, accurate service around the clock doesn’t need to cost you a huge overhead in staff. You need to consider the user experience form a consumer’s perspective. Providing your customer with a great user experience will result in recurring business and even positive feedback. Don’t underestimate the power of word of mouth marketing. Technology can give you the edge. Providing an easy, hassle free experience is essential. Technology improves communication turnaround and consumer convenience.

Staff Retention – Happy Workplace is an Effective Workplace

Young talented employees are usually tech savvy to a point where they prefer to utilize technology where possible. We live in an age where technology undoubtedly improves business performance in multiple facets. Technology communicates a message to your employees. It sends the message that you’re solvent and “with the times,” or that you’re a sinking ship only being propped up by 10-year old computer towers. Giving employees the tools that make them more successful in their job is essential to maintaining top talent and keeping morale high during rough patches.

Employee productivity – keep people productive no matter what happens

Today’s technology provides you with the ability to maintain normal operations in less-than-normal conditions. With South-Africa recently downgraded to junk status, it’s more important than ever to maximize profits and ensure business continuation. Cloud based software can assist you in getting back on your feet if disaster strikes. Just imagine if your building burns to the ground. How quickly will you be able to continue business as usual? Technology can minimize downtime and maximizing employees’ ability to get the job done. Technology can also improve productivity by eliminating time-consuming processes. For example, document management software can eliminate the need for data entry, filing and manual file retrieval. With SendFile™ your client has access to their personal information 24/7.

Operations – Get the Job Done More Effectively

Workflow automation has become a big part of business all over the world. As businesses grow, streamlining processes becomes a necessary priority to improve business performance. Automated notifications and follow up message will help you achieve your goals faster. Today’s technology offers business process optimization through content management solutions and workflow software that allow businesses to restructure repetitive manual processes. With technology, you can make sure only authorized staff have access to certain information improving security.

Finances – Lower Costs and Increase revenue

Cloud computing leverages off-site, virtual-based technology. Cloud based software applications can securely store & transmit sensitive data. Another advantage is you can access information from anywhere in the world. It allows you to keep hardware costs to a minimum during times of expansion or contraction. Most importantly, it can give you a great boost in security. Security is more important than ever. Client’s want access to information on the go, keeping data safe should be a top priority. Technology can help you monitor your employee’s ROI. With up to date reporting and real time indicators, management can quickly determine where employees need to step up their game to increase revenue.

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If you do not use the latest technology to improve & grow your business, it might be time to consider it. SendFile™ is a fully comprehensive document management system. Our application will cover all the bases. We developed our system around the PoPI act requirements. We are very confident that we can improve your workflow. We offer all new clients a 30 day free trial. If you are not satisfied, simply deactivate your account. We do not bind you with clever contracts or misleading benefits. You get to try it with absolutely no obligation. Feel free to contact us for a free on-site presentation.

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